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The Harlem Slang Dictionary


Here's a little something that will help you out on the street.

Now if you're walking down the street and you here one kid say to another,"Oh snap, dogg, My girly girl is getting jiggy with Jamaal,"you might say "huh?" But that's all about to change now thanks to the oficial Harlem Slang Dictionary. You could easily recognize that the speaking child fears that his girlfriend is cheating on him with a black male kid.Here's how it works.Oh,snap:Oh,no;dogg:friend
girly girl:girlfriend;jiggy:getting it on;Jamaal:a male black kid; Just insert the easily recognizable definition and it's all done.The sentence,in English,would now read,"Oh no,friend, my girlfriend is cheating on me with a male black kid!" So enjoy the rest of the unabridged version of the Harlem Slang Dictionary.

bounce(bown-cc):v. to leave.Let's bounce this joint.

butter(butt-er):adj:smooth:suave.You so butter you make the bitches want you.

da bomb(da bom):adj.the best.BET is so great, it's da bomb.

dogg(dawg):n. a friend;a close acquaintance.Yo dogg,my soul brotha.

fronter(frunt-er):n. a person who never says what they say they will. Yo bitch,you promised ma a dimebag yesterday and you never supplied. Why you gotta be a fronter.

gear(geer):n.pl.clothing.You like my FuBu gear?

girly girl(gurl-ee gurl):n.a girlfriend; a close female acquaintance.Get on the bed girly girl, I got some business to finish.

hoopty(hoop-tee):n.a messed up ride.Keenan's lowrider is one crazy hoopty.

Jamaal(jah-mal):n.a male black kid.I named my Jamaals Kel and Damon.

jiggy(jigg-ee):v.getting it on.Gettin' jiggy with it na na na na na na na.
adj.very nice.you so jiggy for giving me yo gear.

kid(kid):n.a person.yo kid, how's it hangin

mad(mad):adj.very;alot.Yo I got mad amouts of gifts for Kwanzaa.

my bad(mi bad):phrase.my mistake.Oh snap,I just ran over you dogg,my bad.

n-e-wayz(n-e-wayz):phrase.whatever.N-e-wayz you loser.

no diggity/no doubt(no dig-it-ee/no dought):phrase.true.No diggity/No doubt rocks.They have a black dogg in their band.

oh snap(o snap):phrase.oh no.Oh snap!You tore my FuBu gear.

phat(fat):adj.pretty hot;and tempting:very nice.All the bitches think I'm phat.

Player(pla-er):n.a flirt;a person who has more than one romance at a time.Kenan, are you a player?

playa-hata(pla-ya-ha-ta):n.a jealous person.I don't like you touchin my girly girl 'cause I'm a playa-hata.

profilin'(pro-file-in):adj.conceited.'Cause Laoueshawas so phat, all the bitches thought she was profilin'.

shorty(shore-tee):n.a good-looking girl.Yo,Laquonda is so phat. She is one fine shorty.

type hot(tipe hot):adj.very cool.Shaq can play basketball, act, and sing. Man, he is type hot.

wack(wak):adj.stupid.You touched my girly girl? What're you? wack?

what's the dealio?(wat's tha deel-ee-o):phrase.what's going on?.Yo bro, what's the dealio?

you be illin'/buggin'(u b ill-en/bug-en):phrase.you are crazy.What're you trippin' on dogg? 'Cause you be buggin'.

Good luck in da hood nig.